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Backyards, patios and pools have been the technologically neglected part of the home for too long, but have been an integral part of entertaining, especially in the summer. With new advances in outdoor technology, you can now bring the comfort, enjoyment and sounds from indoors to your patio and pool areas!

The most basic outdoor entertainment option can be one or more pairs of weather-resistant outdoor speakers.  Since most outdoor spaces are far larger than an inside area, we have found you will have a much better experience and better coverage by using several sets of outdoor speakers.  This way you can play them all at a moderate level rather than trying to have one pair blasting to cover your whole back yard.

We have speciality lines of hidden outdoor speakers and well as speakers that can be heard underwater! You have to see them to believe.

As outdoor entertaining has become more popular than ever, there are even ways to do an outdoor home theater system with a 10 ft movie screen! Let SaaviHome experts help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.

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